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The most stunning views of the mine are the artificial lake and the world’s largest underground temple, the incredible salt chapel of St. Kinga. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is easily easy to get to and is certainly the place to distinguish designed for eternal memories.

salt mine tours

Resources of southern Poland

Under ground Lake Salt Mine WieliczkaJust few kilometres from Kraków, the cultural resources of southern Poland, dishonesty the world-famous Wieliczka Salt Mine. Established in the Middle Ages, it incessantly mined salt designed for over 700 years in anticipation of 2007, when mining workings have been balanced. The Wieliczka Salt Mine with its deepest shaft departing 327 meters underground invites everyone to venture keen on its midst in an tempting tour, where you will put up with witness to the development of human mining knowledge.


Wieliczka_lakeThe 3.5 kilometres journey will obtain you 135 meters underground from end to end a range chambers full with wonderfully illuminated salt sculptures and carvings. It’s a chance to distinguish the world’s largest underground temple, the St. Kinga Chapel. Morever, the unique feeling of the mine is beneficial to people with breathing circumstances and allergies. The Wieliczka Salt Mine, a must-see UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most well-known seats in Poland. Would you like to know more?

Visit us on visit salt mine On the fringes of the loud metropolis of Cracow lies the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Established in the XIII century, the mine holds the world’s record of over 700 years of unremitting process.